Khalifa University student Joins Tokamak Energy’s team of engineers designing fusion energy pilot plant

Tokamak Energy has invited the first UAE national student to join a team of engineers designing its fusion energy pilot plant under an internship program.

Jassem Alhammadi, a Khalifa University senior student in the bachelor’s program in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Engineering, has become the first Emirati intern to join the Tokamak Energy team and will spend two months in Oxfordshire, UK, learning about the company’s mission to deliver clean, secure and affordable energy.

The internship program follows a successful three-day ‘Focus on Fusion’ event and exhibition that was organised in September 2023 at Khalifa University’s Main Campus for stakeholders in the world of fusion and the energy sector. A Tokamak Energy team of leading scientists and engineers offered a series of lectures covering different approaches to delivering commercial fusion, the physics of fusion and how new generation high temperature superconducting magnet technology has accelerated progress.

Jassem was selected for this internship as part of an ongoing partnership between Tokamak Energy and Khalifa University, designed to educate the next generation of engineers in fusion energy. He will gain practical skills in managing fusion fuels, and play an important role in the cutting-edge research in clean energy.

Jacqui Dalziel, Tokamak Energy’s Head of Talent, said, “Our ‘Focus on Fusion’ event and exhibition at Khalifa University helped raise awareness of fusion within the UAE and the region, and highlighted the many benefits of this ultimate source of clean, secure and affordable power, which is set to transform the global energy landscape. As part of our continuing collaboration, we are now delighted to welcome Jassem Alhammadi to the UK for this exciting opportunity to work with our team, supporting a key part of our first fusion pilot plant.”

Dr. Saeed Al Ameri, Director, Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC), Khalifa University, and Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, said: “This internship is a testament to the growing collaboration between Khalifa University and Tokamak Energy, reflecting our shared commitment to advancing fusion technology. We are incredibly proud of Jassem’s achievement and confident that his experience in the UK will not only deepen his understanding of fusion processes but also inspire other Emirati students to pursue careers in this transformative field. This partnership highlights our dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability, crucial for the UAE energy sector’s future.”

Jassem said: “I am so excited to be at Tokamak Energy, and I am keen to gain work experience and deepen my understanding of fusion processes, while contributing to sustainable energy solutions. This internship allows me to apply my academic knowledge, gain practical skills.”

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