Watch Tokamak Energy’s new behind-the-scenes ‘Fusion Pioneers’ series

Tokamak Energy is taking a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to deliver clean, limitless energy with its new ‘Fusion Pioneers’ video series.

Fusion Pioneers will showcase the people and technology behind the company’s mission to demonstrate grid-ready fusion power by the early 2030s.

After kicking the campaign off with Cary Colgan, a Plasma Diagnostician, this week’s star guest is Hazel Lowe, Head of Laser Diagnostics.

In the latest video she describes how firing a laser beam into a fusion plasma enables her to measure electron temperature and density, and explains why those are such important factors.

Tim Sumner, who is producing the new series, said: “Fusion Pioneers offers a great insight into the diverse and ground-breaking work we’re doing at Tokamak Energy to develop this clean new energy source.

“It’s an exciting time for fusion and a fantastic industry to work in. Our new series aims to showcase the really smart people who work here, and capture the buzz around some of the innovations we’re driving on our mission.”

A new episode of #FusionPioneers will be published every two weeks on Tokamak Energy’s social media and YouTube channels. Take a look at:

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