Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory achieves energy gain from laser fusion

Congratulations to the US Department of Energy team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for achieving energy gain from fusion using lasers. This Q>1 achievement is an impressive scientific result.

We’re in a race against time to phase out fossil fuels and make fusion a globally available solution for the world’s energy needs. Progress of this nature is great for the industry as more private and public investment flows into fusion technology.

Our path to demonstrating clean, grid-ready power by the early 2030s continues on track. The spherical tokamak has significant efficiency advantages on the route to cost-effective fusion energy in compact power plants to be deployed globally.

Our technology uses strong magnetic fields to contain the plasma – the fusion fuel – in a spherical tokamak which will deliver continuous power output. We are aiming for a Q of 25 for optimal commercial fusion to provide a constant energy source for homes and industry.

We’re now focused on developing the critical know-how for our ST80-HTS advanced prototype fusion device and our pilot plant, ST-E1, pictured, as we work towards delivering clean, secure, low cost fusion for all.

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